I've had my skill cape for some time now

Weiweismart 11 May 2021 3

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Why Derek Henry makes sense for Madden NFL 22..

tonghuan 08 May 2021 14

When looking at whether Derek Henry should choose, a very interesting fact emerged. Eight years have passed since the peak period, and this is the cover of the Madden NFL game...

Why do players like to play Path of Exile?

tonghuan 07 May 2021 4

POE also added five new Atlas standards. The example shown is the Energy Guard amulet, which is located in a specific area of the Globe Atlas and implies a powerful new mod...

Yeah there are some straight up death threats..

Weiweismart 05 May 2021 13

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2K21 on next-gen will allow you to command al..

Sunxuemei 28 Apr 2021 26

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Madden NFL 22 cover star predictions

tonghuan 28 Apr 2021 16

It is still possible for Madden to put Henry on the cover, or release multiple versions with different cover stars...

While Rocket Pass four is currently scheduled..

dakunlee 27 Apr 2021 15

While Rocket Pass four is currently scheduled to cease..

I'd made a fair few Coins and Packs

Weismart 27 Apr 2021 17

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The developers of "Path of Exile" a..

tonghuan 24 Apr 2021 17

"We have arranged two hours of streaming media transmission fees, and we have encountered a login queue that takes two hours to clear...

Madden 21 Glitch makes Patrick Mahomes look b..

tonghuan 23 Apr 2021 17

Glitch makes it easy for players to fire, but if it happens in multiple games, it will obviously be annoying. Although many of the recent franchise model failures have occurred outside of the gameplay...