This kinda ruined all my motivation to perform with.

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This kinda ruined all my motivation to perform with.

Its nothing. You are enjoying the game and most of your stuff transfers over, such as paid currency AC and SG. The older game will still be in existence for PSO2 Meseta some time. So enjoy the FREE.99 content. I simply don't feel just like playing until this comes out. I spent approximately 200$ since j was really enjoying the sport and also a lot time becoming all 75's so if I wish to play this I'll lose all it. So yeah. Well seeing as how I've made a lot of money off of scratches that I can't use and you can not move meseta, id say I've been ripped away.

What do you expect them to release a 50 min read on what's gonna transfer lol? And you can switch between"universes" so I would assume your meseta is gonna remain right there! That can be an overhaul not a brand-new game it is clear that they called it an UPDATE! I suppose so but I only watched ps4 and pc about the Japanese trailer. Essentially, if you like said items, keep them with you. Whether there are additional things that you would like, look at selling to buy other products. Though you have a thousand Meseta so might as well just keep them.

I rather appreciate that PSO2 is getting a"A Realm Reborn" level upgrade, at the same period that FFXIV is reworking it is ARR to be user-friendly. So in reality, this is a brand new game that shares characters and their cosmetics. I wonder weapons/units will pile up between the matches. The sign you will not have the ability to equip some until you get to a specific level means that gear you earn in PSO2 will be relevant to NGS, at least in the first phases of the game. Am playing UK without any problems. If you'd like in sport purchases with actual money it's a pain but aside from that not place locked in any way.

Everyone's upset their"progress" will not transfer over, but nobody appears to understand that NGS is a wholly different game mode out of PSO2 as we now know it. They probably aren't. This is like being upset that your Xenoblade Chronicles advancement does not transfer over to Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is a totally different game, with an entirely different story, using an entirely different world. They have similar battle systems with similar leveling mechanisms, but they are not the same.

That comparison holds true involving PSO2 and NGS. Comparing progress between the two games is like comparing apples to apples. What you are whining about is completely unrealistic. And, if you're so much of a PSO2 purist that you will just refuse to play NGS, nice, do not. You're still getting a full graphical overhaul of the main game, and that alone is sufficient to cheap meseta pso2 get excited about. You are behaving like this may supercede PSO2 in every manner and the current PSO2 will just die. The original PSO2 is getting a complete engine rework and graphical overhaul, it could not be farther from being dead. What more do you desire?

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