The Working Principle Of The Blowing Machine

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Petblowingmachine - Working Principle of Blowing Machine

The Working Principle Of The Blowing Machine

PET Bottle Machine is a material that is usually molded into plastic containers. It is an excellent packaging material. It is light in weight, although it is strong and durable. With time, this material has turned out to be the best production material as it does not react with the drinks and foods. The companies are making use of blow molding machines to deal with this material. This machine molds this material into the desired product quite efficiently.

Feeding system

The blanking system is a system for ordering and moving PET bottles from disordered to orderly. The preforms fall into the guide rails from the hopper under the action of the hoist. Due to the shape of the preforms, the preforms are oriented toward the tail. Upper, the head is facing downward, and sliding forward under the action of its own gravity, and part of the preform that fails to fall into the guide rail is returned to the hopper through the recovery conveyor belt under the action of the kicking device. In this way, the remaining preforms in the guide rail are arranged in an orderly manner and enter the heating system under the action of their own gravity.

heating system

The role of the heating system: heating the preform to obtain plasticity that facilitates press processing. The heating system is composed of a lamp tube, a reflector, an air blowing device, a cooling device and the like. The far-infrared tube in the oven radiates and heats the preform. Due to the presence of the reflector, both sides of the preform are simultaneously heated, and the preform moves forward while rotating, so that the heat is more uniform. The blower in the oven thermally cycles the system to make the oven temperature uniform. The function of the cooling device is to cool the mouth of the bottle to stabilize the size of the bottle mouth. In order to obtain a good product, it is very important to heat this process. To ensure that the heating temperature is appropriate, the preform is heated evenly. If the temperature is too high, the bottle may be coked, white fog, too thin or even cracked; if the temperature is too low, the bottle may be partially accumulated, whitened or even broken. If the temperature is not uniform, it may cause the bottle to deform or even rupture.

Blowing system: The blowing system blows the preform into a bottle, which consists of a stretching device and a clamping device. The blowing machine finally blows the preform by pre-blowing, high-blowing, stretching, and exhausting. bottle.

Auxiliary system: The auxiliary equipment of the blowing machine is mainly composed of high pressure, low pressure air compressor, high and low pressure cold dryer, chiller and gas storage tank. The blow molding machine is blown through the auxiliary system.

control system sidel sbo14 control system is mainly composed of PLC, contactor relay system, industrial computer and application software. The industrial computer controls the PLC, and then the PLC controls the contactor relay system. Finally, the contactor relay system drives the corresponding actuator.

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