Rocket League's top European squads

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Rocket League's top European squads

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Rocket League's top European squads, as the region filled the entire top three at the Championship Series finals. FlipSid3 Tactics took the crown with its blistering performance, defeating Mockit Aces in back-to-back Grand Finals series, while EU stalwart Northern Gaming nabbed third. And FlipSid3's roster returned in full this season, while Northern made a key upgrade and Aces (now with Gale Force Esports) kept two of its starters.So how, then, did a totally new and different team end up leading EU League Play for most of this season? As their name suggests, The Leftovers don't have the same kind of storied reputation as those other squads: they came together at the last minute, uniting a trio of starters — two RLCS veterans and a rookie — who all lacked a team as signups ended.

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