There are many popular melee weapons out now

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There are many popular melee weapons out now

The DDS is OSRS gold a fairly affordable weapon and not overly hard to obtain. It is also among the fastest melee weapons around, even while excluding the special attack. That being said, a player with 99 power can hypothetically hit 320 damage in the span of four normal attacks (assuming the attacker hits a 40-40 special each time, that is highly improbable ). A simple 25-25 may take out over half of their health (HP) a top leveled player gets, all in the span of one swipe! Obviously, the DDS is an intensely popular weapon with which to battle. Although very heavy and equipped with quite poor magic protection, these sheets of metal are worn out by the best players we have. (NOTE: The dragonfire shield is a shield with not just a very nice shield, but a particular attack. Every thirty seconds or so, if charged, the DFS can hit an opponent with dragonfire. This kind of attack is very powerful, especially considering it came from a defense.)

Some melee-users rely on armor such as Karil's and black d'hide to shield them nicely from every kind of battle. This allows them to be powerfully protected from magical attacks while still being able to hit hard with melee; ranged armor doesn't badly effect the use of melee-weapons.

There are many popular melee weapons out now: the dragon scimitar, the abyssal whip, and the DDS, the granite maul, the anchor, and (maybe most powerfully) the god . The god sword can easily hit over 50 damage, but because the DDS has the capacity to one-hit kill someone with 99 HP, I believed it the weapon hitting the maximum harm.

And today we arrive in magical. There is alchemy, naturally. This costs a lot nowadays, assuming you don't create the character runes along with the items you are alching. Another method of raising your magic is the slow, dull method of the Mage Training Arena. I have completed it (earned my mage's book), and cheap RuneScape gold is alright for low price. It's very slow, however, and thus boring.