Voidk - You did not actually notice things like crash

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Voidk - You did not actually notice things like crash

"We do not get to Diablo 2 Resurrected Items do this because we actually are in 3D," Rob continues. "The same goes for a few of the effects in which the older game simply did a pallet swap. Take all of the colors and flip them now you're utilizing a different pair of 16 colours. We can't do this, we've got normal maps, texture maps, real time lighting. It is entirely different technology."

"How a character turns green when they get contested -- armour and all," Rod Fergusson adds. "It had no basis in reality, it looks like your own armour's poisoned too. When you have a poorly established render, that's really focused on how materials react to light. Therefore that the concept of painting them green to showcase poison, there's more nuance to it in relation to getting the exact same clarity. Materials like a sword which currently features an ice capability. That becomes the tricky part."

Interestingly whilst the 3D visuals show visual results and physics and 3D objects which interact and respond to light and other elements, there was always a conscious effort to make certain that the original look and feel was always preserved.

"You did not actually notice things like crash because it had been a point and click game," Rob Gallerani explains. "Let's say you have a wall in front of you along with the end cap has crash or does not have crash. You click on the other side of this wall along with your character walks . More importantly the character walked around the collision for you."

"So you did not really notice it clipped the corner plus it took it somewhat broad," Rob adds. "When you're using a control and all you have to do is run into the wall and then rub up against it you'll notice every tiny thing. That is another point where we were like, we're not altering the collision because that would be changing something core to the game. 1 wall . But it's a slippery slope ? No collision has shifted and Cheap Diablo 2 Items no artwork has changed, we are incorrect in the same exact spots where it was before."