Following a short Summer Series

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Following a short Summer Series Rocket League Items

Following a short Summer Series

While pro players understandably want more of that money to flow into high-level prize pools, Psyonix seems more committed to building out a wide-ranging competitive ecosystem that can serve players at different skill levels, and help guide them into the upper ranks.Earlier this year, Psyonix announced a $2.5 million investment in the competitive scene for 2017, which includes $1 million for prize pools, as well as support and funding for some community-run tournaments. For example, community group Pro Rivalry League will put on a Rival Week II event next week, in which 10 top pro teams vie for $5,000 in total prizes—and Psyonix is funding the purse.

Psyonix's investment in Rocket League esports also encompasses a collegiate push for student teams. Following a short Summer Series, the full-length Collegiate Rocket League fall season is currently underway in partnership with Tespa, with $50,000 in scholarship prizing available to teams. Psyonix will also support the tournament later this season by streaming competition and promoting it through official channels, including with the in-game Live Now button.

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