Blizzard's eighth expansion: "World of Warcraft: Shadow Land"

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Blizzard's eighth expansion: "World of Warcraft: Shadow Land"

Blizzard's eighth expansion: "World of Warcraft: Shadow Land"

At the Carnival, Blizzard announced the eighth expansion of MMO, namely "World of Warcraft: Shadow Land", and also indicated that it will improve the game version of the game that disappoints players.
After the carnival, game director Ion Hazzikostas also announced on the public platform that the new expansion will officially enter the alpha stage of some players later. The new alpha that appears in the test environment means a lot of data mining, which allows players to anticipate the upcoming new game features and new story plots. This is very fair for players who need to wait for Beta to experience Shadowlands in person. . In addition, Hazzikostas reminds players that many things are constantly changing, please do not data mining the game based on face value.

Recently, everyone has paid close attention to Blizzard's official announcement that the closed Alpha version of "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands" will be applied to the game. This will be a very big reform. I believe Blizzard will not live up to the expectations of loyal players. In order to further understand the game, please first understand Classic WOW Gold, an excellent store with a large inventory of WOW Gold, participating in the game allows you to experience the virtual world and keep in touch with the real world.

According to Hazzikostas, if all Shadowlands content can pass the test in Alpha, Blizzard will update the server and start a new Shadowlands Beta, and plans to add a new area and Torghast. After launching the new Shadowlands Beta, alpha gamers will have the opportunity to experience the new zone of the fortress.

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In the new expansion of "World of Warcraft: Shadow Land", the task interface has been changed even more. Unlike the past, players can notify teammates of their specific location without opening the map. In addition to the new mission interface, Alpha players will also see the Alliance version of the new tutorial, from which players can learn the latest World of Warcraft. However, the new expansion is not mature enough, and players can only see part of the game system. If you are interested in entering the extended version, you can join Blizzard's website first.


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