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In the absence of VC, it will take a lot of time and effort to raise your overall score through earning VC. If you don't enjoy your build, this grind will be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Overall, it will take approximately 170,000 VC to move from 60 to 85, so have fun achi


It's back, and it's better than ever with the latest installment of the NBA 2K series.  It can also be difficult to get started, even though it is undoubtedly the most popular game mode available.  While playing, MyCareer will present you with a plethora of options, ranging from minor construction decisions to agent selection.  This in mind, this list of the top 5 MyCareer tips in NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K21 - Tips and Tricks Guide  will assist you in getting started in the game.


This one may seem self-explanatory, but many players make the mistake of selecting the wrong build for their particular playstyle and end up regretting their decision.  The first, and perhaps most important, decision you will make in MyCareer is which build you will use.  A build that allows you to play in the manner that you find enjoyable should be chosen for you.  A Sharpshooting build is not recommended if you enjoy attacking the rim and dunking.

In the absence of VC, it will take a lot of time and effort to raise your overall score through earning VC.  If you don't enjoy your build, this grind will be extremely tedious and time-consuming.  Overall, it will take approximately 170,000 VC to move from 60 to 85, so have fun achieving it!

However, make certain that you select an effective build for when you are gaming.  After spending countless hours perfecting your build, you don't want to discover that it fails miserably when playing Rec or Pro-Am.  For example, before you begin a center MyCareer, look into which builds are the most appropriate for that particular setting.


Like previous NBA 2K games, MyCareer does not immediately place you in the league.  Prior to participating in a single NBA game, there is a lot of work to be done on the court.  Included in this category are games, drills, and decisions that can either help or hinder you once you begin playing the main part of the game.

Playing well in college games is an important part of the introduction.  After the first few high school games, it doesn't matter which college you attend.  A minimum of the second overall pick is required to earn the highest possible salary in your rookie season (more on this later).  To be selected this high in the draft, you must win games, earn a high teammate grade, and complete challenges set by a news organization.

Another important consideration is your choice of agent.  Both Archie Baldwin and Harper Dell are available as options.  Dell will get you big sponsorships much faster, whereas Baldwin may get you better deals later on in the process. . You should choose Dell if you want to get a head start on your MyCareer.  You could also go with Baldwin if you're willing to work harder for longer periods of time in exchange for greater rewards.


To advance in MyCareer, you must first acquire VC (virtual currency).  If you don't have a reliable source of valuable coins, you won't be able to upgrade your stats as quickly.  A quick source of VC funding is required if you are going to get better.

Virtual currency (VC) is a valuable resource in MyCareer games, such as NBA games.  When you complete certain challenges, you'll receive a salary for each game you participate in, as well as incentives from sponsors.  If you play MyCareer games, these are a great way to earn even more virtual currency (VC), so choose ones that you can complete quickly.  Once you reach an All-Star level or higher, you can earn 1000 VC for every 30 minutes of game time you invest.  To be honest, that isn't a bad deal.

Obtaining venture capital funding can also be accomplished in a variety of ways.  A few thousand VC can be earned by spinning the Daily Spin at Jeff's 2K Arcade, and you can spin it more often as your level increases.  VC can be obtained by checking in on the Daily Spin every day.  Alternatively, you could answer questions on 2KTV before games.  A couple thousand dollars in virtual currency (VC) can be yours if you answer all of the questions correctly in each episode.


Rather than just the top 5 MyCareer tips for NBA 2K21, this should be included on any NBA 2K21 tips page.  Old and new players will have to get used to the new shooting system that has been implemented in the game.  As opposed to previous meters, the new meter places a target space on a portion of the meter.  To find the center of the zone, you must move your stick to the left or right.

This is a significant departure from the previous shooting system, so give yourself some time to adjust.  Make sure you have a good understanding of the shot meter before participating in competitive park games! Learning to read and understand the meter will not only allow you to improve your performance against the computer, but it will also give you an advantage over other players who may not be as familiar with the new meter as you.  Start by experimenting with MyCareer's practice court until you feel comfortable, then move on to the rest of the game.


It is equally important to have badges and valuable coins in 2K, as badges provide you with a competitive advantage over other players who have similar stats.  As a special boost in specific areas of your game, badges can be extremely beneficial in order to perform at your best in MyCareer.  The performance of players with a lower overall rating but good badges can be superior to the performance of players with a higher overall rating but poor badges.

Every time you play a MyCareer game, you make progress towards earning badges.  You can earn shooting badges such as "Range Extender" by completing jump shots, for example.  If you spend your VC on the stats you want to improve in, earning badges in that area will become easier.  You'll also have more opportunities to grind your badges if you play for longer periods of time, so don't just take up too much time with your game.  However, despite the fact that you may only be interested in shooting as many times as possible to earn a shooting badge, it will be easier if you play twice as many minutes.

Trainees are another important component of the process.  You will be able to make significant progress toward badges by unlocking training drills.  Maintain consistent team training, and you will be rewarded with incredible amounts of progress toward badges in a relatively short period of time.  If your overall score is low, it may not be the most enjoyable thing to do, but it will allow you to play significantly better in the long run.

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