In NBA 2K21, here are the 10 best badges for centers.

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In NBA 2K21, gamers will want to customize their MyPlayer by selecting the best Badges available. These are just a few of the best, ranging from the Brick Wall badge to the Box badge.

In NBA 2K21, here are the 10 best badges for centers.

In NBA 2K21, gamers will want to customize their MyPlayer by selecting the best Badges available. These are just a few of the best, ranging from the Brick Wall badge to the Box badge.

In NBA 2K21, players can create their own basketball player using the MyPlayer feature and then take them online or into the NBA using the MyCareer feature. In the process of customizing their b-ball build, players will have access to a variety of Badges, each of which will boost various abilities in a variety of situations.

Some Badges are more advantageous than others, depending on the position and style of play that one chooses. While it is possible to specialize in a shooting/playmaking center build, the suggestions in this section are for an old-school center design. These Badges assist in maintaining control of the low post on both ends of the court, whether it's through rebounding, blocking, or dunking, buy MT 2K21 from

10. The Intimidator's Badge
Intimidator is a defense/rebounding badge that will significantly improve the effectiveness of the player's shot contests. The fact that this Badge will apply to all shot contests is that it will also activate when the defender is close to the shooter.

When used in a defensive build, this Badge is particularly useful because even the Bronze version significantly increases the likelihood that the defended shooter will miss. In the form of drives and post-ups, centers will see a plethora of field goal attempts during their games and will want to make the most of their opportunities.

9. Box Box is a defense/rebounding badge that will allow the center to box out more effectively to prevent the opponent from scoring.
This badge will be activated whenever the player is boxing out an opponent in a battle for a rebound, and they are positioned near the basket following a shot attempt on the court, as shown in the video below.

As a result, centers are expected to garner more rebounds than any other position, and 'Box' will assist them in doing so. Bronze is a good choice, but the Hall of Fame is preferred.

8. Brick Wall 
This defense/rebounding badge will help the player's teammates by providing better screens for them and by reducing the stamina of opposing players when they come into contact with the player off the ball. This Badge will activate whenever an opponent makes physical contact with the player, which is particularly important when the player is being screened.

Centers who have this badge can open up a lot of space for their teammates because defenders who come into contact with a player who has Brick Wall equipped will be stunned for a brief moment. This is one of the best badges for centers when it comes to facilitating team offense, NBA2K21 MT is available.

7. Interceptor is the seventh member of the interceptor group
Interceptor is a defense/rebounding badge that increases the likelihood of the player stealing pass attempts that are close by. This badge will activate whenever a defender attempts to steal the ball as the opponents begin passing it around (the defender must, however, be within range to intercept the ball).

Because centers are frequently defending the post, they will be in a position to disrupt a large number of passes. From alley-oops to drive-and-kicks, the ball is frequently found in the low post. Big men who are adept at disrupting passes are also excellent at defending pick-and-rolls, which are a common offensive strategy.

6. Putback Boss
Make a comebackBoss is a finishing badge that allows a rebounder to attempt more effective putbacks as a result of his or her performance. So whenever the player attempts a shot while on an offensive rebound, this badge will be displayed to the other team members.

While the Center is unlikely to be the most talented shooter on the team, this is a fantastic badge for supplying buckets from the big man position. A good scoring opportunity will present itself to players whenever they get their hands on a rebound from a missed shot at the offensive end of the court in the Hall of Fame edition.

5. Protection for the rim
When wearing the Rim Protector badge, the user increases the likelihood of being able to block a shot while also rebounding. In addition, when a successful block is made, it increases the Takeover meter for the user and their teammates. When you successfully block an opponent's shot, this badge will be activated.

In those moments when a Mutombo finger wag is required, Rim Protector will make a significant difference in your ability to get a hold of the basketball. An effective deterrent to inside shot attempts will be provided by a Center build that has this Badge.

4. Worm 
This badge is used in defense and rebounding situations to help rebounders more effectively swim or spin around defenders who are boxing them in and gain more space. Once activated, this badge will appear whenever the player attempts to gain inside rebound positioning while being boxed out by an opponent.

Even though the Center will frequently be the one boxing out their opponents, the player will occasionally find themselves on the losing end of the position battle. For worming one's way past an opponent and scooping up loose balls, this badge is highly recommendable!

3. Moving Van or Truck
The Moving Truck badge is a defense/rebounding badge that will allow the Center to more effectively push opponents out of the post as the game progresses. This badge will be activated whenever an opponent is attempted to be pushed out of their position in the middle of the post. This does not apply to box-outs, on the other hand.

It is possible to win the battle for a rebound before it even begins in some cases. This badge will allow centers to clear the opponent they are defending away from the basket before attempting a shot, increasing their chances of grabbing the board for their team while on the defensive.

2. Lockdown Following the Move
Following the relocation addition to being a defense/rebounding badge, Lockdown will allow the Center to more effectively stick with the opponent who is attacking the basket. This badge will be activated if the opponent a player is guarding attempts a post move, such as a drop-step, hook, or spin, while the player is guarding him or herself.

As the primary defender of the post, the Center will be tasked with dealing with a wide range of difficult offensive moves as the game progresses. As a result of earning this badge, the Center's ability to defend their opponent will automatically improve, allowing the player to stay close to their opponent and gain an advantage over them.

1. Pogo Stick (also known as a pogo stick)
Using a Pogo Stick, a defense/rebounding badge, the player will be able to more effectively block multiple shot attempts in a short period of time. Attempting to block a shot multiple times in a row will result in the activation of this Badge by the player.

Whether the center falls for the pump fake in the post or simply needs to deny the shooter more than once before their team can gain possession of the ball, this is an excellent choice. While successive block attempts usually become less effective, the Pogo Stick allows the player to remain in the fight for the rebound for an extended period of time.

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