Diablo 4 Guide: How to Craft Jewelry

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This guide will show you how to upgrade your jewels and gems in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Guide: How to Craft Jewelry

At the start of the game, players will collect a lot of gems. However, upgrading gems requires some crafting materials and D4 Gold, and collecting these items will take players a lot of time. When exploring World Tier 3 and World Tier 4, it is necessary to equip your weapons and armor with better gems in advance.

As you level up, you can unlock more powerful gem variants. Therefore, it is best for players to check back at the Jeweler frequently to see if there are new gems that can be forged. If you want to get higher-level gems, you need to provide a corresponding number of lower-level gems to forge.

Unlocking The Jeweler

The Jeweler is one of the many vendors in Diablo 4. Players must reach level 20 and complete a short vendor quest to unlock the Jeweler's services. Luckily, this quest simply requires you to craft gems at the Jeweler.

Crafting Gems

Players can complete gem crafting at the Jeweler vendor in every major town in Sanctuary. You only need to provide a small amount of materials, and you can craft the gems you currently need. Of course, sometimes you may need some rare gems, you can forge them in Jeweler.Buy Diablo 4 Gold & Items At MMOWTS.com

Item Sockets

Players need to use gold and Scattered Prism at the Jeweler to add gems to Diablo 4 Items, which is a component rarely awarded from world and dungeon events. Players can buy d4 items to increase the stockpile of their Scattered Prism. The cap of sockets that can be reached by different items is different. Add sockets to your equipment at the Jeweler. These Jewels maximize your damage with the help of crit modifiers and also boost your defense stats.

Upgrading Jewelry

Diablo items can be upgraded up to four times, and each upgrade needs to consume a small amount of crafting materials and gold. Upgrading your item will become more and more expensive as you level up. Therefore, using materials to upgrade long-term used items is a more recommendable choice.

Different Jewels will have different bonus effects when placed in weapons, armor, and amulets. Players can define your character according to your style.


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