Final Fantasy 14 Is Getting a Whiskey Based On Starter Cities

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Final Fantasy 14 Is Getting a Whiskey Based On Starter Cities

Final Fantasy 14 Is Getting a Whiskey Based On Starter Cities

Square Enix has just discovered that a group of Final Fantasy 14-themed FF14 Gil whiskey based totally on the MMORPG's starter towns may be made available in Japan. The announcement of the themed whiskey is part of the 2023 anniversary celebrations of Final Fantasy 14 as it has already been 10 years on account that A Realm Reborn become launched to the public.

Final Fantasy 14 lovers are genuinely having an interesting 2023, what with all that is going on within and outside the MMORPG. A new enlargement has these days been introduced, the tenth anniversary celebrations preserve coming, and there's greater to look ahead to, given how the 2023 Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival nevertheless has legs to move, in London and Tokyo. With two foremost physical events going on soon, the network is probable hoping to recognize more from the development crew approximately the future of the sport, as well as new data approximately the upcoming enlargement Dawntrail.

Making the statement on Twitter, Nagahama Distillery shared that it has collaborated with Final Fantasy 14 to provide 3 types of whiskey inspired through the MMORPG's starter towns of Ul’dah, Gridania, and Limsa Lominsa. Naming the gathering "FINAL FANTASY XIV AMAHAGAN," it became made to commemorate the game's 10th 12 months this 2023. Each bottle prices eight,800 yen, that's around $sixty one USD. Fans will probable love the precise packaging of each whiskey, considering that both the container and bottle makes use of well-known key visuals of each of the towns that they are based on.

Square Enix did announce that Nagahama Distillery will take part in the Final Fantasy 14 tenth anniversary celebrations as part of the collaboration with Japanese branch save Isetan. The whiskey series can be to be had on Isetan's on-line shop and at some stage in the physical anniversary events on September 28, 2023. However, Nagahama Distillery may even promote the whiskey beginning October 10, 2023, and will also carry the gathering to destiny national occasions. Fortunately, Isetan's on line keep gives international shipping, however fans want to check if there are any restrictions with regards to transport alcohol to one of a kind countries.

The Isetan occasion remains a few weeks away, and there are a Final Fantasy XIV Gil pair greater brands that are also taking part within the anniversary of Final Fantasy 14. This means that the participant base can assume bulletins about more themed products and merchandise very quickly. Fans should observe the MMORPG's respectable channels in the event that they want to be the primary ones to realize if there are any new updates from Final Fantasy 14.


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