Can You Sell Items in Rocket League?

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Can You Sell Items in Rocket League?

Can You Sell Items in Rocket League?

Online trading markets for in-game items and currency have been the talk for a while now, but not all of them are recognized as the CS:GO trading hub. One Rocket League Items of those that aren't as well known is the Rocket League trading marketplace. Unlike some other games, Rocket League isn't best known for the trading system but rather for the highly entertaining gameplay. However, the trading system is there, and it can be a very fun aspect of the game.

Rocket League Has a Large Marketplace
Believe it or not, there is a huge marketplace out there that deals with trading Rocket League items for both in-game currencies or even for straight-up cash. This has been implemented way back in 2016 but has received significant updates since the conception, like the Trade-In system and some additional security measures. One of the most significant changes has been the transition from a standard system that used chests and keys for loot to a much safer system that includes blueprints and credits.

This relatively new system has completely cut out the "gambling" part of loot boxes, as now you know exactly what you're getting if you decide to spend some currency on it. While on the subject of currency, the in-game one is called Credits, and it has completely replaced keys. You can use your Credits to unlock only those Blueprints you truly want unlocked and feel you need the items you would get from that "trade".

You Can Trade Items
Now that we have the basics covered, we can get into the real deal - the RL trading system. The way it works is that you can trade with players that are using the same platform as you are. For example, if you're using Steam, you'd only be able to trade with someone who is also using it, and is on your Friend List. Also, in order to be eligible for trading, you need to have purchased at least 500 credits, as this is a security measure meant to deter scammers from the community.

But, once you have that covered, you can go ahead and trade with your friends all you want. The most common transactions are item-for-item ones, where you simply exchange items with other players. As long as both of you agree to a deal, there are no limitations to this. The other way to trade is items for credits or vice versa. Fairly simple, you can trade items for in-game currency. The only limitation is that you can only trade items for straight credits; you can't trade for an item with credits attached.

Selling Items is Normal
Selling your items is very common, and you can utilize the various available platforms to advertise your items and right out say what you want for them. From there, the viewer can go on and add you on the platform of your choice and instigate the trade. Usually, these items are sold for Credits, which you can then use to purchase different items you want. You can also hop aboard the plethora of forums and websites that deal in Rocket League trading and find what you're looking for there.

The most common platforms for such actions are Steam forums, the RL Exchange subreddit, or the Rocket League Garage. However, there are many more out there, just waiting to be found. If you want to sell your items, it's not a bad idea to post to a couple of different platforms, but you can always stick to the one that suits you the best.

Sell on Different Marketplaces
The same deal applies to all the platforms out there, not just Steam. This includes Epic Games, PlayStation, and XBox. As long as who you're trading with is on the same platform, you can do it. Just remember that since Rocket League has been made free, you need to have an Epic Games account so you would be eligible for trading, and it will include 2 Factor Authorization for any trades you want to make. This is all to ensure the security of everyone involved in the community.

If you want to keep up on the news in the community and find people who are already well-versed in the RL trading world, you can also join one of the many Discord servers out there dedicated to this specific marketplace.

Watch Out For Scammers
With all of those security measures in place, the Rocket League trading community is surprisingly safe, and the scammers are rare and far between. However, they are still out there, and you should definitely watch out. Not that anyone can make you go for a trade you don't want to make, but they can try to get you to use an unauthorized platform, or try and send you links. You should never ever open any links from accounts that aren't someone you know, as it might very well be a scammer trying to achieve something.

But as long as you keep your eyes open and think about transactions before agreeing to them, you should be good to go.

There you have it, the basics of the Rocket League trading system, and the answer to the question - can you sell items in Rocket League? The answer is of course yes, you can explore and utilize the many platforms that deal in RL items and the trades that go on between players. It's actually a huge market out there, and there's almost a guarantee that you'll be able to find either someone who wants what you're selling or someone that has something you think would fit your collection nicely. Just remember to keep it civil, and you'll be able to get the Buy RL Items Battle-Car you've always wanted.