I believed that this game moved too quickly.

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I believed that this game moved too quickly.

It is a decent New Horizons Items method of earning passive income, making 1k bells in the shining place, and everywhere between 0-60k bells of gain from the tree (depending on how far you plant at the first place) every day. It ain't much, but it's honest work.

That's how it's always been quarantine has seemingly given people unrealistic expectations. I'll normally play 10 minutes a day or just completely bypass it then perform for a few hours on the weekend to discover bugs or alter up some things in my island. People putting stuff like 500 hours and complaining about the dearth of content amaze me.

When it first came out, a number of my friends awakened 200 hours of playtime in the first few weeks and had these mad elaborate islands. I had to stop taking a look at their articles about it as it made me feel so bad in my own! Now they've largely all burnt out on the game, however, while I am still plugging along with a couple of minutes per day.

Not gont lie, that's literally what the game is to me - I log in for around 20-30 minutes a day just after I wake up. I may log in for 5-10 minutes in the evenings to test turnip prices or talk to villagers that weren't alert in the morning. But that is it.

It is funny, because you hit"the end" of the game much earlier than every other AC game I've playedwith.

I believed Cheap Animal Crossing Items that this game moved too quickly.