About Us
StyleHitch was born from an idea due to necessity. The creator had dabbled in many facets of the fashion world from clothing designer to style influencer. Through both ventures, the creator of StyleHitch came across difficulties of finding information on first where to find resources and overall how to get started. The idea of "Style - Hitch" was born. Wouldn't it be amazingly beneficial if there was a place where people could discover all the resources needed to be successful in the fashion industry... without breaking the bank. New designers could connect with brand buyers and retailers, influencers could connect with designers, & manufacturers could "hitch" a business relationship with new designers all while expanding their business domestically and internationally. Imagine discovering a new brand without waiting around for the annual tradeshow that comes only twice a year. Or skimming through endless social media posts for hours only to find 1 potential connection by pure chance. StyleHitch is a platform where all your fashion desires are at the tip of a click! StyleHitch provides opportunities for expanding business as well as a platform to learn the business of fashion. Our mission while promoting business relationships, is to modernize the fashion industry in a sustainable "fashion ". Have fun hitching your fashion style!