5 practical tips for media disposal according to ISO 27001 Certification in Ukraine

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5 practical tips for media disposal according to ISO 27001 Certification in Ukraine

ISO 27001 Certification in Ukraine is a global standard for securing information, and we will see how the standard can work with us with the disposal of media devices.


Initially, we will need to identify what media will be taking care of, simultaneously how and why we can protect dispose of them.

What are media?

According to the ISO 27001 Services in Ukraine, the most important thing is the information, we need to protect for the media that we are making use of to preserve the information. But, what do you mean by “media”?


So, in this context, a medium is a device that is used for preserving information, so media would include USB pen drives, external hard drives, hard drives, CDs, DVDs, etc.


There are 5 tips for disposing of media


In ISO 27001 Consultant in Ukraine, If you have a media device that preserves information differentiated as confidential as we have been seen in previous, there are many risks related to it. The happy news is that you can take care of this risk, using a risk assessment and treatment methodology.

So here we can take an easy example about how to take care of this risk. You have an asset, which is, for example, a hard drive that has very confidential information about the business. This hard drive was installed on an information system but you have made me move information to another information system if we take an example to the cloud or to another server. This original hard drive will be used for another purpose and, after copying all data, you need to protect the original information, which should not be accessed by illegal people.


For the treatment of this risk in ISO 27001 Implementation in Ukraine, you can do it by implementing ISO 27001 Registration in Ukraine Disposal of media security control, and here are some common ways to implement this security control:

Physically destroy the media: We can do this, for example, by incineration or shredding, etc. This physical destruction is also meant for damaged devices. We have to be careful, as we know damaged media devices can also have very sensitive information that could be protected, so to neglect this, you should destroy it physically.

Securely delete the information: There are many software tools that you can use to write up on the information or to eliminate it in a proper way.

Select an external party. There are a lot of companies which are giving the service of the destruction of your media, but you need to make sure with the selection of the provider by defining a non-disclosure agreement.

Avoid the aggregation effect. It is better if you avoid having a lot of media containing non-sensitive information because something within the group could become sensitive information.

Register the disposal: Registering the waste provides you with useful information for audit trails.


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