Dramen-Heals 69 energy over 26 seconds-60 construction

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Dramen-Heals 69 energy over 26 seconds-60 construction

Special Beds- Light-Heals 59 energy over 24 seconds-50 construction-This mattress could be so light, that it would collapse randomly. No more"under the bed" items can be found with OSRS gold this bed, however you will gain a small amount of agility XP if this drops and you leap off the bed. Dense-Heals 64 energy over 25 seconds-55 construction-This mattress won't fall like the Light one, but it is dense enough that it hurts back your characters occasionally, making him unable to move after getting off the mattress temporarily.

Dramen-Heals 69 energy over 26 seconds-60 construction-This bed could be produced out of magical Dramen wood. This mattress will sometimes have tree spirits (Level 12-56) next to you as you wake up. Should you defeat them, you recover Dramen leaves, then used to make Dramen Pillows! Swaying-Heals 79 energy over 27 seconds-65 construction-These beds are now enjoy a hammock, as you must shoot the Swaying logs into a employee at the digsite, and he will convert it into a rocking hammock! You want to become fake palm trees to hang it up however, and on occasion the palm trees will fall upon you during sleep.

Hollow-Heals 84 energy over 28 seconds-70 construction-These beds will sometimes collapse, but if they do, you fall into them for a brief time, and buy RuneScape Mobile gold you can acquire certain"under the mattress" items. Dream-Heals 96 energy over 29 seconds-75 construction-This Bed lets you go to a dream world temporarily, allowing you to cut more Fantasy trees and allowing you to locate Fantasy Runes (Employed in Dream Magic, explained later).

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