Advantages of Cap Mold - Master Packing Co.,Ltd

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Advantages of Cap Mold - Master Packing Co.,Ltd

Advantages of Cap Mold - Master Packing Co.,Ltd

Master Cap Mold is the famous Chinese cap mould maker which specialized in producing water cap mould and bottle cap mould. We can offer you different kinds of plastic cap mould solutions, eg, automatic unscrewing ejection cap solution, bi-injection system cap solution, complex flip top cap solution and irregular shape design cap solution.

bottle cap mould is currently widely used. In our daily life, it is widely used in edible oil, beverage, candy, medicine and other packaging industries. It has high quality, energy saving, high efficiency and long service life. What are the advantages of bottle Cap Mold ?

Bottle caps have this relatively complete and uniform quality standard and caliber parameters, so the production of bottle caps is relatively standardized. It can be said that the bottle blowing mold determines the shape of the plastic bottle, the preform largely determines the quality of the plastic bottle, and it goes without saying the importance of the plastic bottle.

In addition, the bottle cap mold uses the world's leading two-level double taper positioning technology. Each cavity is independently self-locked to ensure the mold concentricity. The excellent cooling system achieves high efficiency of room temperature water cooling, and the shear-free gate reduces labor intensity The mold life is at least 3 million times.

Master Cap Mould is your best choice if you are looking for a credible Cap Mold Supplier . We could offer you high quality and reasonable price mould.


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