Can it be only a mild inconvenience to make/buy brand new tools?

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Can it be only a mild inconvenience to make/buy brand new tools?

The simple fact Animal Crossing New Horizons Items that the most upvoted comment in this thread asks trying characters to have stats for mini-games says so much about the way the men and women who whine about AC with this sub really don't have any desire to play AC. You would like AC to be a completely different game. I've put a ton of hours into every AC, and NH is undoubtedly, the biggest step that the franchise has taken since the initial game. The quantity of freedom you have to produce your town your own is foolish compared to the previous game.

I really like Animal Crossing and I agree that faux-RPG mechanisms would not make for a much better Animal Crossing, but in many ways New Horizons felt like measure back from New Leaf. The decoration methods are improved but the furniture variety is supremely lacking, so that it felt much harder to make something that felt like it represented me. I have seen lots of very creative designs, but I've also seen a ton of basically the exact same bedroom or kitchen or living room. It doesn't help that they ruined the customization options of NL by creating just like half the things not able to be customized, forcing you to wait forever or try and trade for the ideal color box sofa.

Being able to customize your island is very cool, but the real time aspect means my island felt half baked. I would begin to execute an idea, spend 2 weeks moving buildings, then realize I don't like the outcome. I guess I should concentrate on the advantages of the island reshaping, but this was definitely something which left me feeling uneasy.

The crafting system is cool, but the absence of infinite durability tools has basically made me not want to get the game . Or why any tools need to break. Can it be only a mild inconvenience to make/buy brand new tools? Sure. In Breath of the Wild, your firearms break. Some found this annoying, I quite liked it. Why? And I had many weapons at once and collected them so changing to a new weapon wasn't a job. Each rod is the same as the last, there's no importance to any fishing pole. Unless you're actively timing your usage to coincide with excursions to sell your fish then you'll need to waste time running into a store or crafting seat. It's a badly designed system that directly up destroyed fishing and Buy Nook Miles Ticket bug catching.